Clairvoyance Research seeks to attract and retain the highest quality personnel, using various specific and extremely demanding recruitment procedures


Clairvoyance Research seeks to attract and retain the highest quality personnel, using various specific and extremely demanding recruitment procedures. We provide our highly skilled and motivated professionals with every resource required to develop all relevant skills and experience, necessary to the completion of each and every new assignment.

We operate systematic performance evaluation procedures intended to provide both reasonable and comprehensive evaluations for each employee. We are eager to recruit candidates willing and able to help us achieve our objectives, consistent with the highest standards we set ourselves. We welcome applications from all highly motivated and innovative candidates with a commitment to excellence.

Nurturing Employee Empowerment

Strength of Clairvoyance Research reflects the quality of its management, researchers, consultants and analysts. Our most successful team members are always eager to assume additional responsibilities and to contribute actively to our long-term sustainable growth.

A professional career at Clairvoyance Research offers:

A Well-Defined Career Path: We offer all personnel well-defined career plans, supported by training and other development and mentoring programs to build future management potential. Our consistent organizational growth enables us to attract, retain and promote the very best candidates in our industry.

Learning and Professional Development Opportunities: We provide each member of staff with attractive professional development opportunities. Our in-house trainers supply both standard and customized instruction on the use of technical and soft skills, enabling progressive improvements in day-to-day performance.

Global Exposure: Our experienced professionals are in constant communication with most of the world’s reputed institutions, servicing their research, analytical and consultancy operations.

Peer Learning: Our managers, researchers and analysts possess the highest academic and professional qualifications. Continued professional advancement is encouraged through ongoing interaction with colleagues and clients.

Competitive Remuneration: We offer competitive remuneration packages to all employees, commensurate with experience and results, motivating continuous improvements in proficiency and performance.

Campus Recruitment

Clairvoyance Research aims to recruit the top graduate and postgraduate students from reputed universities.

Applicants can expect to work in a constantly stimulating and satisfying environment, acquiring the latest professional skills while developing invaluable life-long professional expertise and contacts. Our training programs support the professional development of all personnel.

We recommend all applicants to correspond directly with Clairvoyance Research regarding potential appointments, and to avoid third party agencies claiming to represent our company. It is the responsibility of candidates and institutions to confirm the validity of any representations made to them by such companies.


Please submit all applications or questions regarding application procedures to

Employee Assignment

Cultivation of New Employees:

Clairvoyance Research is a learning-oriented organization formed to facilitate sustainable development; professionalism and self-learning capability developed from the very start of the career of new employees to keep them growing.

Rewards & Recognition (R&R):

We motivate and reward our professional personnel using both monetary and non-monetary rewards. Our ‘RAVE’ (Recognize And Value Employee)’ Program rewards employee performance based on various pre-defined criteria relative in line with the company’s objective.

Employee Elaboration:

We are strongly committed to the professional development of our personnel, enabling employees to update relevant skills and knowledge, including through the use of standard global tools, to help optimize workplace efficiency. We attach considerable importance to the health and safety of our staff, and to the maintenance of a satisfactory balance between work and non-work responsibilities. Our well established and expert training programs are specially designed to enable all employees to optimize workplace efficiency, while also establishing and achieving meaningful personal objectives. Our training programs are specifically designed to encourage individuals to question their environments and to enlarge their areas of personal and professional competence. In particular, their activity-based and discussion-focused learning environment increases active participation, producing positive changes in behaviour and productivity.

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